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Deck of Justice Now Available

Some games take things very seriously. They're meant to be moody and immersive, and give you a sense of dread or foreboding or unease. Deck of Justice is not that. It's the opposite of that. It's a light-hearted combat card game where players will throw the most over-the-top ridiculous caracatures from the 70s and 80s at each-other. You can pick up your copy of this game now.

From the announcement:

Finally, the deck is on sale and AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!!! Happy Birthday #ChuckNorris Grab your copy now. The Deck of Justice is a ridiculously frantic, yet highly tactical, hand-drawn card game for 2-5 players. Players take turns striking one another (with fully loaded heroes, armored vehicles and bulging biceps) in a series of quick cowboy standoffs until there is only one survivor.