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Death Valley Card Game Up On Kickstarter

The desert vistas in America's Death Valley have inspired countless artists. This harsh, unforgiving, but naturally gorgeous land is now calling to you. But, y'know, be careful out there. It's called DEATH Valley, after all. That's where you're headed in Death Valley, a new tableau-building game up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Sunlight glaring through the windshield. Your favorite songs blasting through the speakers. Candy bar wrappers piled next to a warm drink in the cheap plastic cupholder. Your companion riding in the passenger seat, snapping pictures of landmarks as you settle into the hypnotic rhythm of the road. But be careful: this fun road trip could get dangerous as you drive through Death Valley.

Death Valley is a pocket-sized, push-your-luck, tableau building game for 1-2 players, with each traveler striving to assemble the best mix of cards in their Journey and Scrapbook in order to win the game.

The campaign's more than 16x funded with 9 days left to go.