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Dear America, From a Black Guy Documentary Up On Indiegogo

Slightly different post here. B. Dave Walters who is a writer, actor, and and RPG live-streamer has a special project up on Indiegogo. It's a documentary entitled Dear America, From a Black Guy. It's about having better dialog between all of us. I ask that you go check it out.

From the campaign:

I have created this project as a flexible funding goal; I will continue doing this work no matter what. My intention is to be able to make a documentary that explains three basic things

  • How systemic racism and inequality have built the world we live in. Little things like how slavery was never actually abolished, which once you understand that, things like the school-to-prison pipeline, and ‘war on drugs’ are revealed to be as insidious as they were always intended to be. 
  • Why ‘good people’ do racist things. Why your aunt feels the need to keep posting ‘All Lives Matter’ or your racist uncle hasn’t missed church in 20 years and is OK with kids in cages. And more importantly how something called ‘moral framing’ can help you reach him. 
  • The need to actually listen to each other with respect. I hosted a radio show for 7 years, I know how to talk into the void. My goal is to engage with people I disagree with in order to try and find some sort of common ground.. 

Because if we don’t find a way to communicate openly with each other, and respectfully disagree when necessary the planet is doomed. Right now a pandemic is spreading because some people would rather ‘own the libs’ than wear a mask. They’d not just rather die they’d rather kill because of ideology, and that my friends is INSANE. It has to stop, and we have the power to make a difference.

The campaign is up and running now but only has 9 days left to go.


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