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Date Night Dungeon: Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Gaming is a group affair, most of the time. But what if you and your significant other just want an adventure for the two of you? That's a bit harder to find, but it's what you get with Date Night Dungeon: Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan, a new RPG adventure that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

My husband Tom and I have been playing RPGs together for twenty years. We get together with friends around a table and enjoy a slice of adventure. But in all those years we’ve never come across a module specifically for a couple to play together. We wanted a game where both of us could be players and enjoy the unfolding story, (and a little romance) not where one knew all that would happen and spelled it out for the other. We thought you might like that too, so we created our first module and our first Date Night Dungeon.The goal is for the players to not only have a fun adventure, but also to spark romance. It’s perfect for date night, whether the players are just getting to know each other, or have been together for years. So light some candles, pour your favorite beverage, grab your dice bag, and let the adventure unfold!

The campaign is more than 4x funded with 17 days left to go.