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Dark Flow Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Been a while since I remember hearing from Plast Craft Games. But that doesn't mean that they haven't been busy. They've been working on Dark Flow, their new sci-fi board game up on Kickstarter now. Fight for control of the planet Elipsion as you control your forces, upgrade and equip them with the best gear, and take the fight to your opponent on the highly modular board.

From the campaign:

Dark Flow, designed by Diego de la Torre, is a competitive game where 1 to 4 players (up to 6 players with the expansion) lead 1 of the 4 factions on planet Elipsion to fight for the control of its ever-changing landscape. During 5 rounds, players perform actions in turns, upgrading their forces while gathering valuable resources and building constructions. By doing so, players expand their power and secure their territories from the threat posed by their opponents... And those are half their problems: players will also have to face the Wandering Monster and its spores, an enemy as ancient as Elipsion itself.

Game Features:

  • Competitive game for 1 to 4 players (up to 6 players with the expansion)
  •  Engine building system to upgrade your faction.
  • Recruit, build, and develop your faction.
  •  Modular board which makes each game different.
  • Fight your opponents with dice and cards. 
  •  Control more areas than the rest of the players.

The game is up and over its funding goal with 10 days left to go.