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Dangerous Destinations RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

So, you're a DM and you've got your gaming group. Unless you plan on having everyone just sit in a single room of a house the whole time, you're going to need to create interesting places for them to go. Nord Games is here to help with their next guide. It's called Dangerous Destinations and it's a system-agnostic guide to creating interesting places for your party to get into trouble. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Dangerous Destinations is the definitive guide to creating intriguing and dynamic destinations for storytelling and fantasy roleplaying games. Following the same model as our best selling book, 'Spectacular Settlements', Dangerous Destinations contains an easy-to-use, step by step builder system.

Start with one of twelve destination types, each of which has multiple variables that flesh out unique aspects of that destination. Next, place that destination in one of twelve environments, and continue the process of adding more and more detail. Then, discover the particular danger that exists within the destination created, including beasts, monsters, humanoids, magic, and events. Each danger has its own distinct flavor and modifiers, and each step in the process creates a more and more unique destination, even establishing plot hooks and many different motivations for quests.

Use Dangerous Destinations either as a planning tool, before your game session, or on the fly, to create unique locations for encounters, be they as simple as a troll’s den near the edge of a forest, or a vast labyrinth built deep underground by some long-forgotten culture. Our goal is to offer inspiration when creating locations within your fantasy world that are not only intriguing, but also exist regardless of interaction from the player characters. This helps to bring the world to life and enhance your storytelling.

We are proud to add this incredible book to our catalog of gaming accessories and we are grateful to all of our backers for their support! So please check out the project, share it with your friends, and help us to reach our goal.

The campaign's closing in on 12x funded with 27 days left to go.