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D&D Celebration Coming Next Week

It's a celebration! Or, it will be. Wizards of the Coast is getting ready for a big party next week with D&D Celebration. And they're going to be spending all week looking into some new releases they have coming up. Click on through to get your schedule so you can know when to be around and what will be shown.

From the website:

Gather your party—D&D Celebration takes place September 23-26, bringing fans together from around the world for an extended weekend of panels, streamed games, epic virtual play experiences—and the triumphant conclusion of our DM Challenge. In fact, we’re so excited to get things started... we’re kicking things off even earlier!

Our celebration preview begins next week—starting Monday, September 20—with early looks into our upcoming releases: Fizban’s Treasuring of Dragons, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!

We’re tearing open the covers of these books and bringing you sneak peeks into new mechanics, art, and lore. All leading up to the full designer-led panels happening at D&D Celebration!