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Dance Card! Board Game Up On Kickstarter

In what should be a surprise to absolutely nobody, I was a bit reclusive and very nerdy back in high school. I never even considered going to any sort of dance. And since those days are far, far, far behind me, the only way I could experience that sort of thing now (without being extremely creepy about it by just showing up at one) would be to play a game like Dance Card! from Cardboard Console. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

About the campaign:

Cardboard Console has launched their exciting, new project on Kickstarter! Dance Card! is a tactical gateway game, set during a high school Homecoming dance, for 2-4 players. All of the players take on the roles of students with the objective of dancing with each of their dance partners before anyone else. The first player to do so wins!

What's unique about this game is that creator Michael Melkonian has designed Dance Card! and the campaign with the invaluable input of the community every step of the way!

"Every aspect of the final art, whether it's the outfits of the characters or the icons on the tokens, has had community input. In some cases, whole characters were added at the suggestion of community members! It was an unreal collaboration between myself and hundreds of people I've never been in the same room with, all working together to make Dance Card! feel as authentic as possible, and I am so grateful to them for it!" mentions Michael Melkonian.

The result? A truly inclusive family board game, where everyone is represented. 

Each of the 32 playable characters in Dance Card! are completely unique, with their own style and personal abilities. To better reflect the real, contemporary world that high school students live in today, the cast of Dance Card! is designed to be inclusive and representative of many different cultures, orientations, and dress styles.

This is a game that appeals to everyone, new and existing players in the tabletop gaming community, parents who want to get their kids interested in the hobby, avid gamers, young and old. This approachable gateway game includes features that can increase difficulty, making it a perfect choice for players who want to put their strategic skills to the test. 

The game's about 1/4 of the way to its goal with 20 days left to go.