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DGS Games Shows Off July and August Releases

In this update about how things have been going, DGS Games gives us an update about what they had worked on in June, where they're at with releases for July (including an update about Kickstarter shipping), and looks ahead to August, including what they'll have at shows like Gen Con and ReaperCon.

From the post:

Our Thrakansor, Dragon of Fire and Snakes and Skulls kickstarters are in the process of early delivery. As of 17 July, all non-painted physical rewards are shipped, with the exception of 6 rewardees who are working through admin issues.  The painted rewards are on track for early delivery as well, with the last wave in progress as of this writing.  We are working with those rewardees who selected design a character and loving the ideas we are helping them bring to life.   We are very thankful to the team that helped us make this happen.  The original estimated delivery date for Snakes and Skulls was December and we will beat that by a country mile!

Shakrim Attack!  The Shakrim Wavestalkers will be released on August 6th, and available for sale at Gen Con as well.  They will be available as a starter set and individually.