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DGS Games Seeks Designer to Create New Freeblades Faction

DGS Games wants to bring a new faction to the world of Freeblades. They're hoping that there will be strong African themes within the faction in terms of looks and style. To create this faction, they have put out a call for people of African-American background in order to make sure things are done in a respectful and authentic way. No previous experience is necessary, so if you're looking to try your hand at making a new faction for a game, this might be your chance.

From the announcement:

DGS Games is seeking a person of African-American background for an unpaid internship to design a faction for our fantasy world that is ethnically African-American in appearance. We feel the gaming hobby, and specifically our branch of it, the tabletop miniatures hobby, has a long way to go in issues of diversity. We feel that one way to get after this issue is to provide a space in which gamers can identify more strongly with their characters without having to suffer the typical fantasy tropes to which such factions are subjected (we’re looking at you, “summer islanders!” Lol). Our lead designer could wrap up the initial design of this faction in a day, but neither we nor you want this opportunity to be crafted by an older white male, so help us out! J

While the internship is unpaid, that just means the person is getting exactly the same salary as every one of our faction designers. We are not looking for an artist for free art, either. We will handle the art. We are looking for someone who wants to assist in creating the look, armor, weapons, magic, culture, society, religion and architecture of a brand new fantasy faction. While the faction has to fit inside our existing world, this designer will be setting the course of the faction from a nearly blank slate. The faction can’t invent a new magic scheme or change how magic works, but can decide which magic they have. The faction can’t invent a new creation myth, but can decide how they view the gods. And as for weapons and armor and culture, the door is open even more widely.

Once work is under way, we do need this person to be in steady contact, working out details and participating in decisions until the course of the faction is set.

Once the faction is complete, this person will be given credit in every faction-related publication, access to all the faction’s art and one of every model from that faction for life.

If this effort produces a number of candidates, we will offer each a series of concept design questions and our judges will pick from the best entries. NO GAME DESIGN EXPERIENCE is necessary.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this opportunity, please contact Jon at Feel free to share this post far and wide!