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D-Verse Publishing Posts Nexus Redemption RPG Preview

When a new game comes out, you might wonder just what it's all about. How can you know if it'll be a game for you before you buy it? Well, if you're looking to find a new sci-fi RPG, and you've been looking at Nexus Redemption, but you've been feeling trepidation about it, D-Verse Publishing has gone and posted a preview version that you can check out before they launch their Kickstarter campaign.

From the website:

Explore the immensity of the D-Verse with the upcoming NEXUS: Redemption role-playing game. This unique setting brings a much needed jolt to the RPG genre with its fresh mix of lowbrow humor, social commentary and unrestrained creativity.

Players and GMs alike will have a blast exploring the vast array of alien species, vanguard technology and eccentric characters that will comprise their unorthodox adventures. An RPG campaign set in NEXUS: Redemption will be less like “Lord of the Rings” or “Star Wars” and more like “The Big Lebowski”. Adventures will be lighthearted and fun with a splash of deception and a ton of creativity. Players will walk away from the table with stories of survival and redemption. Or perhaps, for the more ruthless players, stories of fame, riches and corruption.