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D-Day Global Campaign Coming For Flames of War

While the Normandy invasion, known as D-Day, obviously took place in a very specific part of the world, the ramifications of it spread out to all corners of the globe. Soon, all the world will be recreating it as Battlefront launches their D-Day Global Campaign for Flames of War at the end of October. Read on to find out about this new campaign event.

From the announcement:

On October 28, the D-Day: Global Campaign begins! Over six weeks, Battlefront and OnTableTop will take Flames Of War and Tanks players on a journey through France from the D-Day landings to the liberation of Paris.

Stay tuned for more information, including how to sign your club or store up, how the games will progress, and how you can win awesome campaign prizes.

Don't forget to enter into the Hobby League project in our Hobby League competition, this is the last week for our second month. Show off the cool prizes you've won in your tournament, put your month two force on parade, or show us the battles you're playing in preparation for the upcoming Global Campaign. Check out the link below for how you can enter.