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Czechoslovakian and Polish Pre-orders Now Open For Team Yankee

Team Yankee plays a "what if" scenario with World War III. What if The Warsaw Pact and NATO really did go head-to-head across the plains of Europe? If you're wanting to find out for yourself, you'll need an army, and Battlefront has started taking pre-orders for both the Czechoslovakian and Polish forces. Get your name on the list and be the first gamer on your block with these kits when they release.

From the announcement:

The Czechoslovak People's Army and Polish People's Army are ready to stand beside their Soviet and East German allies as they fight Western Aggression.

Each of these booklets also come with all the Unit Cards you will need to allow you to build these forces for Team Yankee.

In addition to the booklets we also have three awesome new models to complete your new armies.