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Cyran's Magnificent Walking Marketplace RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

"More options!" It's what every RPG player wants. And that's what you get in Cyran's Magnificent Walking Marketplace, a new RPG supplement for 5th Edition that's up on Kickstarter. Magic items. Races. Classes. It's got it all.

From the campaign:

"Come one, come all to my Magnificent Walking Marketplace! Climb aboard to explore this mobile and biomechanical creation of magic and mystery as it meanders from world to world in search of all-new treasures and wonders untold. Read on to learn more about our..

  • 200+ Magic Items
  • 4 Races
  • 4 Sub-Classes
  • 25+ Acclaimed Fantasy Artists

And a plethora of tome pages offering terrific opportunities for your 5E adventures!"

The campaign's well over 6x funded with 13 days left to go.