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Cut to the Chase RPG Up On Kickstarter

Back when I first started getting into RPGs, it was only me and my friend that played together. So we'd swap out one being the GM and the other the player. Though we were trying to do full, regular games. It didn't work so well. Unfortunately, we didn't have something like Cut to the Chase, a new 2-player RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Cut to the Chase is a short roleplaying game for two people. One person plays the hunter and the other the prey. The prey is on the run and desperate with few resources but they have a lead and their wits. The hunter is fast and well prepared but is it enough to catch the prey in time?

The characters and setting are created collaboratively at the start of the game by answering a series of questions. The characters have opposing goals but the players work together to create an exciting chase narrative where each player sets scenes for the other to get through.  

The play moves in rounds where each character gets to act in a scene framed by the other player. The characters have resources they can use to aid their actions and based on the outcomes the hunter either gains ground or the prey pulls away. 

The hunter is faster so will most often catch up to the prey. Of course, the prey isn’t giving up without a fight. This means a clash occurs. The outcome of the clash ultimately determines which character is successful. 

The campaign's around 70% funded with 17 days left to go.