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Cryptozoic Announces Cryptozoic Con II

Well, the first one went well. Why not have another? Cryptozoic has announced Cryptozoic Con II: Crypt Harder. *gets a note* I'm being told that "Crypt Harder" is not actually a part of the official title of the convention. Anyway, as before, there'll be giveaways, previews, live streams, and exclusive merch available during the show.

From the announcement:

Get ready for the sequel of the year . . . Cryptozoic Con '20 II! We had a great time during our April virtual convention and fan response was INCREDIBLE, so we decided to do it again. This time, we'll have even more exclusives, giveaways, and previews! It all starts June 11. Check out the exclusives below, plus we'll some top-secret "Found Inventory" collectibles on June 11 (at 1:55 pm). More details in the days ahead!

As the world tries to figure out the next steps during this global pandemic, Cryptozoic continues to support our Friendly Local Game Stores and other hobby retailers. We appreciate all they have done to support us over the years and we're excited to release new products that will get fans shopping again, including the newest Epic Spell Wars game, the latest DC Deck-Building Game (based on Dark Nights: Metal), and Cryptkins Unleashed figures! Visit your local hobby stores! #BackTheComeback⁣⁣

Our Stay at Home Mega Sale is still going strong, with new deals all the time. Pick up some awesome games and collectibles at fantastically low prices and enjoy them at home. Let's all try to have some fun during these difficult times!