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Cruel Seas Transport and Bolt Action Hungarian Anti-Tank Weapons Available From Warlord Games

Firmly entrenched in WWII are the posts from Warlord Games today. They're talking about the IJN No. 1-Class Fast Transport T6 for the Japanese Navy over in Cruel Seas. Then, for Bolt Action, they've got a couple sets of Hungarian Anti-Tank kits for you. On the land or on the sea, there's something for you to check out. Let's have a look.

IJN No. 1-Class Fast Transport T6

Based on a destroyer hull, the No.1- Class Fast transport makes for a relatively durable and versatile addition to any IJN fleet.

Hungarian Army anti-tank Weapons


The Hungarian Army receives vital reinforcements to defend against the enemy armour. Enter the Pak 40, Solothurn anti-tank rifle and the Panzerschreck.