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Crown of the Oathbreaker RPG Adventure Now Available in PDF

I often go back and forth on which I like more: physical or digital versions of media. Each has their pros and cons. I certainly like pdfs since they're generally searchable, able to be pulled up at a moment's notice, and you can carry a whole library in your pocket. If you're a fan of pdf media, you can now get the Crown of the Oathbreaker adventure as a pdf. 916 pages is kinda heavy to carry around, after all.

From the website:

Crown of the Oathbreaker is a 916-page D&D 5e adventure module and a campaign setting with player options. It features scores of new monsters, encounter maps, subclasses, feats, spells, and magic items.

The dark fantasy sandbox adventure incorporates over 40 dungeon maps and three regional maps with over 100 locations on each, taking characters from 5th to 13th level through a cursed kingdom to the Feyrealm.