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Crisis at Steamfall: Genesis Expansion up On Kickstarter

Crisis at Steamfall lets you slowly build up your character as you head around a new city each time you play. The Genesis expansion adds to and refines the game, giving you lots more options as you're travelling around and building up. If you're looking to get the original game and this new expansion, you can do so over on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Crisis at Steamfall is a multi-faceted, action-building game that throws you into a uniquely-generated city where you will pursue extensive options for developing your character. Build a path toward success in the city by creating synergies between abilities, items and companions. Each card is skillfully crafted for maximum replayability. 

Integrating Genesis with the base game creates an updated and extensively-refined experience, aimed at medium-weight players who love to create and optimize their action engines with crazy card combinations in a highly thematic environment. Designed for unlimited replayability, the characters vastly vary in both theme and mechanics, opening up new and different gameplay opportunities each game. 

Now improved/enhanced by an exciting new expansion and extra swag from Kickstarter-exclusive addons.  

As you can see from the featured image, the game's over its funding goal with 19 days left to go.