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Crimson Company: The Other Side Expansion Up On Kickstarter

The castle is up for dibs. Everyone is looking to become the ruler and are building their own band of mercenaries. That's the story behind Crimson Company. In the The Other Side expansion, the veil between life and death is lifted and even more characters are available to recruit to your forces. Both the core game as well as this new expansion are up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In Crimson Company you assemble your own armies of sellswords - from hardened warriors, to shady merchants, to mythical creatures - and fight for control over the castles of a forgotten kingdom.

Intense 20-minute duels will confront you with deep strategic as well as tactical decisions, crazy combos and gut-wrenching mind games. Neither luck nor money will determine your chances of winning a match. It's all about your choices as a player!

Crimson Company's first expansion "The Other Side" explores the mysterious realms beyond life and death! No less than 15 brand-new character cards (with even more unlockable as stretch goals) will dramatically increase the variety of possible situations you can encounter and enable a whole bunch of wild new combos

The game's around 3x funded with 26 days left to go.