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Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium Available to Pre-order

The Kickstarter campaign for Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium was a great success. But, if you missed out, it's not too late. Pre-orders are being taken now. But you should hurry, they're only happening until December 15th. There's no such thing as too many monsters to throw at your party.

From the website:

Designed by the creators of Shadows of Esteren and Fateforge, Creatures is a love letter to fantasy bestiaries. Its 400 pages detail more than 200 illustrated creatures using the 5th Edition ruleset of the most famous of roleplaying games. Its contents include 6 playable species, NPCs with related adventure hooks for all levels, reimagined classic creatures and brand new ones, as well as 15 archetypes, providing you with material to design new monsters for your games!