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Corvus Belli Taking Pre-orders For Infinity: Third Offensive

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The third time's the charm, as they say. Well, over in the world of Infinity, they're just getting the Third Offensive underway. You can get your pre-order in now.

From the announcement:

Here you have a review of the book. Why is this so interesting? Well, because it's cool and full of news BUT, there's a raffle!!
This whole week we'll be uploading different videos, if you comment about them on any social media (youtube, facebook or twitter) you'll enter in the Operation Coldfront box's raffle. Don't forget to use the #3rdOffensive: This is important!!!
Only one comment per person, but each social media counts separately, so you have 3 opportunities to participate!!
The battle for the Coldfront starts... NOW!

Good luck 😎