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Corvus Belli Takes Another Look Inside Operation Kaldstrom

Operation Kaldstrom is the upcoming starter set for Infinity that not only is good place for new players, it introduces Infinity CodeOne, a whole new, stripped-down way to play the game. In this preview, we get a little more detail about what will be coming in the box, with looks at the minis, the terrain, and more. Have yourselves a peek.

From the post:

What is Infinity CodeOne?

Infinity CodeOne is a way to experience Infinity using a condensed ruleset that allows you to enjoy the game - utilizing less space and time.

CodeOne is scalable - you can adapt the game to the surface you need.

It is a condensed version of the game, so you can play your favorite wargame with whoever you want and wherever you want.

2 players! 45 minutes! +14 years

Did you want it to take a closer look at CodeOne? We have prepared these fantastic products that have been designed not only for CodeOne, but also the full version of Infinity (both N3 and N4). It introduces two new sectorial armies - the White Banner army of Yu-Jing and Svalarheima's Winter Force of PanOceania. They are:

  • Operation Kaldstrom
  • Dire Foes Retaliation

Corvus Belli is launching Operation Kaldstrom in an exclusive preorder from March 16 to April 30. During this time, the box includes a special miniature: The "Kunai S. Mercenary Ninja” - completely free of charge.