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Corvus Belli Take a Look Inside the Infinity CodeOne Rulebook

With Infinity CodeOne, players will get a new way to play the sci-fi minis game. It's a new jumping-on point for new players as well. And Corvus Belli wants to make that jump as easy as possible. They've posted a look inside the CodeOne rulebook at the key points that will help you navigate through it.

From the post:

Now that you have assembled and painted the awesome Operation:​ Kaldstrom miniatures, you have played the booklet initiation missions, and have learned the basics of Infinity CodeOne, it is time to jump into the complete rulebook.

In the case that you have started playing CodeOne by reading the rulebook before getting to the Operation: Kaldstrom box, this article will serve as a general guide to Infinity CodeOne, your favorite miniature wargame. Let me show you the keys to Infinity CodeOne in this article!