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Corvus Belli Seeks Business Relationship Manager

If you've ever looked at something a company's doing and went, "That's no way to sell that game! I could do that infinitely better!" then Corvus Belli might just be looking for you. They're hiring a new Business Relationship Manager, and you could be the right gamer for the job.

From the announcement:

Main responsibilities

  • To define and implement a strategy for our distribution channels and stores based on the market.
  • To monitor sales and customer behavior by listening, identifying their needs, and advising them accordingly so stores can make the most of their sales opportunities.
  • Coordination, follow-up, and remote support of our US commercial agent.
  • Participation in the annual product design meeting.
  • Searching and developing cold leads for new distributors and stores.
  • Participation in important conventions and industry events.
  • Smooth collaboration with the Marketing and Communication Department, who is responsible for the satisfaction of the end user.
  • Periodic sales reports.