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Corvus Belli Previews the Tiles From Infinity: Defiance

Defiance is the new cooperative board game set in the Infinity universe coming from Corvus Belli. But, being a board game, that means it plays on a board. In this case, the board is made up of modular game tiles. So, what do those tiles look like and how do they interact with the game? That's exactly what we get a look at here.

From the post:

The room in which Qiang Gāo came back to his senses in was barely holding its structural integrity. Nevertheless, the cracked windows meant no immediate danger thanks to the outer security bulkheads that had closed after the deflagration. Unfortunately the floor hatch, which was their way out, was undoubtedly disabled.

He quickly scanned the area for his teammates. Uma and ‘Jazz’ were regaining consciousness; Cadin, on the other hand, was already growling and crouching like a beast next to the wall of the only open door, and was about to hurtle through the opening.

On the other side, two figures took advantage of the shadows cast by the alarm lights to approach them through a maintenance corridor where some containers and cables lay scattered after the explosion.

“Hostile Shasvastii troops in evac route” Qiang whispered in the communicator.

Cadin needed nothing more to jump ahead, roaring!

That’s how I imagine the beginning of the narration of the events of Infinity Defiance - you know, the Dungeon Crawler we’re soon to publish through a Kickstarter campaign (really, if you didn’t know about that you should check Infinity Defiance’s website). This short story could have become notes for the artist, Keith Lowe (Instagram @keithloweart), to get inspired for the design of the set of tiles I’ve baptized as the “Human Interior 1”.