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Corvus Belli Previews the Narrative From Infinity Defiance

We're less than a week away from the launch of the Infinity Defiance Kickstarter campaign from Corvus Belli. Players must work together to complete missions in this tactical board game. But... what do those missions mean? What's the story being told? That's exactly what you get a preview of in this article. Have yourselves a look.

From the post:

From the very beginning of this project, we’ve had in mind the rich and detailed universe in which Infinity Defiance would unfold. For us, the dungeon crawler genre is a descendant of the roleplaying genre, and as such, it warrants a narrative component. We couldn’t make an exploration, combat, and progression system, and just leave it without any story worthy of Infinity’s fluff.

In Defiance, players will live a story through the Characters, which will embark on a suicide mission: crossing the wormhole of Acheron in the opposite direction to the Combined Army forces and sabotaging the construction of a portal that would provide the EI with enough stability to send through a large scale invasion fleet.

To give the campaign an epic touch, missions in Infinity Defiance are connected in a way that the story will inexorably move forward, and the players’ actions will decide how their Characters will live that story. At the end of the ninth mission, the Defiance will jump and the Characters will lose all contact with the Human Sphere. In game terms, that means no longer getting access to new equipment or ship upgrades. Thus, to complete the next three missions, heroes can only count on the equipment and skills they’ve picked up to that point. Jumping against the current has consequences, so improving the Defiance will be a top objective during the campaign. For example, a mission may be completed without obtaining certain necessary components to refit the Defiance’s Minotaur engines, but that decision might cost you later on in the campaign.

New Characters, born to become part of the Infinity Universe, will join our heroes during their odyssey. This is the case for “Cuervo” Goldstein, the liaison officer; or Katherine Cho, the ensign from O-12 that coordinates the operation and passes down orders from Bureau Aegis on to “Cuervo”. There’s also an unknown destination to describe, and that’s what the Characters will find on the other side. Will it be a world, a system, or the endless void of space? Will there be a defensive force? How large? What’s the EI planning on the other side of Acheron?

All those questions will be answered in the last three campaign missions. All but one: Will our heroes ever return?