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Corvus Belli Previews Tartary Army Corps Pack for Infinity

In just a couple days, Infinity players will be able to pick up the new Tartary Army Corps Pack and add it to their collection. It's a rather robust box, with a lot of figures inside. Want to get a better look at what you'll be getting? Check out this preview that Corvus Belli posted up.

From the article:

Tartary, the wild and savage western frontier of Ariadna, is one of the most dangerous and hostile territories of the planet Dawn. Any force capable of controlling it would be a formidable adversary for the enemies of Ariadna. The Tartary Army Corps, or TAK, was established as a Kazak force whose abilities would be constantly tested by its operational environment, ensuring that they always remain at their peak, because that is the only guarantor of survival. The TAK is composed only of experienced troops, forged in battles where no quarter was given. After confronting true horror in Tartary, for these units the alternative to victory has always been death, or worse.