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Corvus Belli Previews Soldiers of Fortune Set for Infinity

During times of war, there are those that will use the conflic to make some money. They are Mercenaries, and they are ready to sell their services to the highest bidder. Well, the Infinity universe is certainly filled with conflict, so it only stands to reason that there are those looking to profit from it. Enter the Soldiers of Fortune box set, coming soon for the game. Have yourselves a look in this preview.

From the website:

From the darkest corners of the Human Sphere to the HexaDome, and then back to the battlefields of the Human Sphere. That is the tour of the SoF Team members, the well-paid Soldiers of Fortune Team, a group of elite mercenaries who succeeded in the Aristeia! arena by the hand of the great strategist - Hannibal. Nowadays, they still can be hired as mercenaries, but of course, they are only available to those able to afford their high fees. This is one of the new topics presented in the Daedalus’ Fall book. The Soldiers of Fortune is a team that came from the shared universe of Aristeia! to shake up our favorite wargame.

A very common request from the player community is to play with the Aristeia! characters. Of course, not all of them can make that leap because their background as stars of the entertainment world wouldn’t make it credible, nor their abilities would have a place on a real battlefield.

However, if there are some characters that do find their space naturally on the Infinity frontline, it is certainly the members of the SoF Team. After all, their Aristeia! roots are pretty clear on their background. We first met the incredible Señor Massacre in Infinity, but his background presented him as an ancient star of the arena. We later met other characters in Aristeia!, but their story already connects with that of the Infinity universe itself - as you can read in Daedalus’ Fall.

The SoF Team is part of the Foreign Company, a Mercenary Sectorial Army of NA2, mostly composed of PanOceania and Nomads troops. For them, these characters make up the core of their army lists.