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Corvus Belli Previews Polaris Team Beast Pack for Infinity

Happybear! ^_^ Just look at how happy the bear guy in the new Polaris Team Beast Pack for Infinity is. He's so happy. Such a happybear. ^_^ Get a better look at him in this preview.

From the preview:

In the Human Sphere, the bear is usually a nice and adorable cultural reference, linked to animation and children’s themes. The opposite happens in Ariadna. There, the bear is an alpha predator, the most dangerous creature you can find on that planet. Yes, the most dangerous, more than the Antipodes or a Dog-Warrior, because a golden bear from Dawn is much bigger and more unpredictable than any of its terrestrial counterparts. 

But if golden bears are scary, the bearpodes are even more so. There are numerous stories, legends of the Ariadnan border, that speak of omerzeniye—“aberrations” in Russian—such as wild bearpodes: Antipode-bear hybrids, even larger and more brutal than the golden bears that some tribes use as beastly war machines. And if that atrocious planet has created the Dog-Warriors, why would it not create bearpodes, which are hybrids of human, Antipode, and bear?