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Corvus Belli Previews Monstruckers For Infinity

We've got a mighty convoy. And so can you. In the far-off future, trucking is still a lonely, tough, and dangerous job. Even with the trucks being auto-driven, they still need someone around in case everything goes haywire. That's where the Monstruckers come in. And soon, you can add them to your forces in Infinity. Let's take a look.

From the article:

The Monstrucks, the colossal road trains that travel along the Sahm Highway, are fully automated vehicles. An autopilot and a cruise control system guarantee the best efficiency and security on one of the straightest roads in the Human Sphere. However, the territory that this highway crosses, the desert of Taba, is a hell of sand and rock where any emergency could ruin these gigantic trucks and their valuable cargo. That's why the Monstruckers are necessary, to solve emergencies. And an emergency for them may be regaining control of the truck after an unforeseen maneuver, or making a repair in transit (because the Monstrucks can’t stop), or repelling an assault from road bandits.