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Corvus Belli Previews Missions in Infinity CodeOne

Infinity CodeOne is a new starting point for gamers looking to try the game system. Operation: Kaldstrom is the starter box designed around it. Within the box, there's a mission book. Each of the missions are built to introduce new rules organically to the game. Want to know what they'll look like? Have a peek inside.

From the post:

You’ve fallen in love with the incredible miniatures of Infinity, you tested the Infinity CodeOne Quick Start Rules, and, of course it left you wanting more.

Well, it’s time to start playing Infinity CodeOne with the Battle Pack Operation: Kaldstrøm.

In this Battle Pack, you have everything you need to start playing: miniatures, scenery, markers, dice, and a rule booklet to test the waters of Infinity CodeOne.

This booklet not only summarizes PanOceania, Yu Jing, and the troops included in their respective armies - but it also contains the basic rules for playing Infinity CodeOne with a series of missions that the player must fulfill. In brief, learning by playing!

Through 5 different missions you will learn the mechanics, abilities, and use of weapons in Infinity CodeOne while you are adding new troops to your Army list. This way, you will be gradually expanding your knowledge of the rules.