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Corvus Belli Previews Hundun Ambush Unit for Infinity

An ambush is a great way to take on an enemy. They don't know you're there and you can deal some serious casualties before they even know what's going on. And there's some new troops specialized in such tactics coming for Infinity. Get a look at the Hundun Ambush Unit.

From the preview:

Freezing cold isn’t the only thing that can kill you on Svalarheima. In addition to this planet’s lethally cold, snow-covered desert, there are a whole series of creatures more than willing to make you their dinner that inhabit it. One of the most frightening you can find inland are the bái fà gorillas (白发 or “white-furred gorillas”).

Although they’re not gorillas in the strict taxonomic sense, they are a type of great ape, but much bigger, more brutal, and more robust than any you can find on old Earth. Bái fà gorillas have two hearts and an incredibly dense and hard cranial dome, a combination that makes them really difficult to kill.

They are terribly territorial and won’t let at any obstacle impede their search for food, be it any physical barrier, any creature, or any person. Considered the apex predator in the Huangdi region, in the words of the Yujingyu settlers themselves, “they are the protagonists in the stories the Yeti tells to scare its children.” However, this joke only helps to hide a very real fear: numerous settlements in isolated areas have been attacked by bands of man-eating bái fà gorillas, resulting in terrible carnage. After the first raids, the settlers organized themselves to fight off this threat.