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Corvus Belli Previews Hatail Spec-Ops for Infinity

The Hatail Spec-Ops figure for Infinity is coming out in just a couple weeks. In this preview, get a look at the background behind what drives these highly-trained soldiers in this preview.

From the article:

Vaarso Battlespeak notation: Hatail is the number 2004. In Neebab Numerology, the two thousands are connected to change and movement. As a number, it means instability, unpredictability, and radical transformation. In the former Colonial Force, the second thousand already represented exploration and intelligence special units. These units, by traveling to the farthest places, secretly aided the contact activities of the Tohaa Trinomial colonial ships, removing obstacles and eliminating enemies. As for the number four, it is related to inner fortitude and the ability to influence the world through sheer force of will.