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Corvus Belli Previews Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma for Infinity

A new Dire Foes Mission Pack is coming out soon for Infinity. You can head over and get your pre-order set up with special extras. But if you're hesitating to do that because you want to know more about what's inside, then we've got just the post for you.

From the post:

Some biomodified creatures have perpetrated a massacre in the Ariadna Exclusion Zone, and the investigation into their origin points to a laboratory on the Nomad station Splendor of Xanadu, orbiting the planet Dawn. While all signs point to an operation by the technoterrorist organization Equinox, the Nomad Nation doesn’t want any bad press, so it has denied Ariadnan authorities all access and will try to erase the evidence, relying on the skills of the expert hacker Jazz. However, Ariadna is not inclined to leave the matter alone and a stealth boarding team led by Cadin “FirstStrike” Donn has been deployed to raid the Nomad orbital. The mission for both sides is to secure all of the investigation data and identify any enemy operatives to use as evidence of their rival’s illegal activities. As two old friends, Jazz and “FirstStrike” Donn, both veterans of the Defiance, now find themselves on opposite sides, will they put their allegiance to their respective nations above a friendship forged in blood?