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Corvus Belli Previews Dire Foes: Retaliation Box Set

Some new sets are coming out soon for Infinity. One's a new starter set designed to help new players get involved in the game as quickly and easily as possible. The other is a supplement to that box. That's what we get a look at here. It's called Dire Foes: Retaliation. Have yourselves a look.

From the post:

The StateEmpire’s memory is as good as its willingness to forgive is absent. Hence, it didn’t waste the slightest opportunity to take revenge after PanOceania supported the Japanese insurgents during the Uprising. So, when Yănjīng, its intelligence service, learned that the PanOceanian corporation Minescorp was going to conduct field tests for an innovative and revolutionary new technology to find Nessium, a highly valuable neomaterial, Yu Jing saw this as an opportunity to take its rightful revenge. Swiftly and efficiently, a covert-ops team from the White Banner Army, Yu Jing’s planetary force on Svalarheima, launched an assault on the Minescorp facilities and seized a sample of this technology. Although the objective was not completely achieved, as they failed to destroy this technology’s research data to leave Minescorp with nothing, this strike was seen as a direct attack on PanOceanian sovereignty. So, the wheel of rancor kept turning.