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Corvus Belli Previews Defiance Figures in Infinity

The figures in Defiance are fully a part of the Infinity miniatures game. But how do those pieces work in the sci-fi skirmish game? That's exactly what we get a look at in this article.

From the post:

We’ve been talking about the synergy between Infinity and Defiance during the entire campaign, giving our miniatures a second life in the dungeon crawler. As a player of Infinity, I absolutely love this concept.

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about this though, but rather I would like to analyze what Infinity Defiance bring me as a player or a future player of Infinity.

It’s cool that I can go from the wargame to the dungeon crawler, but can I do it the other way around? Certainly, the miniatures are fully compatible with Infinity, but will I have enough miniatures to start playing Infinity with a playable list?

If you’ve wondered about that, let me assure you that it is totally possible. Infinity Defiance is not only a great way to enter Infinity, but also to complement your army thanks to the Reinforcement Packs.

Let’s focus on entering Infinity first. Just with the Shasvastii from Infinity Defiance, we’ll be able to make lists upon lists of the sneakiest army in the Human Sphere.