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Corvus Belli Previews Decsion-Making In Defiance

In any game you play, the choices you make as a player should matter somewhat. When making Infinity: Defiance, Corvus Belli wanted to add extra elements to the way players make decisions and, almost as importantly, if they make poor decisions and things don't go their way. In this article, they look at just that.

From the post:

The result of the missions in Infinity Defiance cannot be measured in terms of success or failure. In terms of gameplay, for us it seemed that if the campaign suddenly ended due to a mission objective not being met. it would be too drastic and frustrating for the player. Infinity Defiance is part of the conflict against the EI, in which losing a battle doesn’t necessarily mean losing the war.

The campaign is divided into two parts, separated by the jump through the wormhole of Acheron, which will inevitably happen at the end of the ninth mission. During the first nine missions, the Character’s top objective will be to gather the required components to completely upgrade the Minotaur engines.

In the Defiance’s control panel, there’s a track with five positions that added together result in the Jump Roll. At the end of mission 9, each Character will face their Defense (unmodified) with the Jump Roll and for each Sucess 2 obtained (uncancelled by any Block 1) they will suffer a Consequence.

Every time the Characters end a mission having obtained one of these components, they’ll place a token on this track, thus reducing the result of the Jump Roll. As you can imagine, the Jump Roll can suppose the death of the strongest (Qiang, for example), so in order to ensure minimal success in the campaign’s final objective, it’s recommended you get at least three of the five components.

Once they jump, Character will no longer get second chances. There’ll no longer be opportunities to upgrade the Defiance, get new equipment or gaining more experience. The last three missions are actually the same one but divided into three acts. There can be no regrets, for no chance for rectification will be given.