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Corvus Belli Posts Operation Kladstrom Trailer

A new 2-player set is coming soon for Infinity. It's called Operation Kladstrom and it will feature forces for both PanOceania and YuJing. But more than just a set for Infinity, it will also be the first place to get the rules for Infinity CodeOne. They've posted up a quick video to give you a look into what you can expect. Pre-orders will start being taken on Monday.

From the post:

Corvus Belli presents a new 2-player battle pack: Operation Kaldstrom, that includes new miniatures for both PanOceania & Yu Jing factions.

Also, this is the first 2-player battle pack that introduces the new game Infinity CodeOne, a fast and streamlined version of Infinity the Game.

Infinity CodeOne is the perfect introduction to the Infinity Universe.

Don't miss it and pre-order from March 16th to April 3rd!