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Corvus Belli Posts New Infinity Mission

While you can just set up your terrain, toss some minis down on a table, and commence with the dice rolling/card flipping, there's just something -extra- when you play a mission. They can change the whole dynamic of the game. And Corvus Belli has a new one for Infinity for you to try out. It's called Dire Foes: Datacash and it's free to download now.

From the post:

No one likes having competition, and Tunguska likes it less than most. This is evidenced by their relative lack of business rivals in the whole of the Human Sphere. So when a group of entrepreneurs tries to establish a small data haven in a old, stranded freighter orbiting a gas giant in Human Edge, expect Tunguska to react—especially if this data haven is a direct competitor of the Novyy Bangkok branch of the Bank of Tunguska. This is one of those situations the Nomad mothership takes personally, which means that Dragnet has its sights set on both this datacrypt’s databanker and its master server. But of course when this business venture is actually a covert parallel-financing operation of the Hexahedron, real trouble is certain, because it won't be a private security detachment that responds to the intrusion alert, but an immediate reaction unit from the Varuna Snake Eaters or maybe from some Neoterran elite corps. So, that's how Jelena Kovac, a police inspector breaking international laws, and Richard Quinn, a professional executioner forced to protect someone, crossed paths.