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Corvus Belli Posts New Defiance Preview

Corvus Belli's Infinity: Defiance game takes players into the Infinity universe in a whole new way. The players are traveling aboard the Defiance, an interstellar space ship. We've seen a bit about what they do while aboard, but what else are they capable of doing? There's going to be down-time between missions, so what happens then? We get a look at that information in this article.

From the post:

Today we’ll go into further detail about the Campaign in Defiance, and what it is all about. In a previous article, we said that one of the main tasks of the Characters is acquiring components to upgrade the ship, but what else happens on the Defiance between missions?

Assigning the Crew

The panel of the Defiance features the main areas of the ship for the Characters: the Command Bridge, Sickbay and Laboratory, Workshop, Training Room, and Cabins. Each Character and Ally has a token that represents them that must be placed on an available space in an area of the Defiance during this step.