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Corvus Belli Posts Infinity Defiance Preview

Infinity Defiance will take players into the Infinity universe in a whole new way. A fully cooperative dungeon crawl board game, letting players take on the role of heroes exploring around through the hidden-away places of the Human Sphere. But just what will the game entail? How will it work? What's inside the box? Get the answers to many of those questions in this new preview that Corvus Belli has posted.

From the post:

Infinity Defiance is a cooperative dungeon crawler that Corvus Belli will release via Kickstarter this fall. This is a game that uses metal miniatures that is fully compatible with Infinity.

Those of you who were at Gen Con or Interplanetario will already know what to expect from Infinity Defiance. You had the chance to learn the basic mechanics and to play a very fun demo of the game. For those of you who couldn't make it, we're going to unravel what can you expect from Corvus Belli’s brand new game.

Infinity Defiance is a dungeon crawler, and you will not be disappointed. It has all you’re looking for within this genre. As you might know, a dungeon crawler is a game of exploration. In this case, players will explore the most unknown corners across the Human Sphere. In addition to this, they will discover new areas beyond the Human Edge that no one has ever managed to cross before.

The four heroes will set course for this suicide mission aboard the Defiance, one of the ships that O-12 has floated to prevent the advance of the Combined Army. The objective is pretty clear: they must cross the Aqueronte wormhole that connects with the home system of the Evolved Intelligence (EI). This is a very dangerous mission with no return journey, since crossing a wormhole in the opposite direction can only be achieved with the latest technology and the right team. The main objective is to surprise the Combined Army by going beyond the known universe. Once there, you will have to destroy the construction of a portal that would allow EI to achieve the proper jumping ability to start a large-scale attack.