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Corvus Belli Posts Infinity Betrayal Characters and Missions Packs

Betrayal is the new graphic novel set in the Infinity universe. But we're gamers. Who wants to just sit and read an exciting adventure when you can go on an exciting adventure? That's exactly what you get to do with the Betrayal Characters and Missions packs. You get the rules for the different characters to use in Infinity, as well as the scenarios that recreate battles from the story. You can download yours now.

From the article:

Betrayal, the first graphic novel of the Infinity Universe after the manga Outrage, took us to the depths of the Paradiso jungles during the convulsive days after the Third Offensive and made us doubt all official accounts. What story is closer to the truth? The one your commanders and countrymen tell you, or the one your enemies recount? And what is more dangerous? Trusting your comrades, or the adversary in front of you? For there is no betrayal more painful than that of the ones you considered your allies.

These are the questions that the protagonists of Betrayal ask themselves in an action-packed story you can recreate thanks to this mission set and the Infinity Betrayal Characters Pack, a box containing the four protagonists of this graphic novel