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Corvus Belli Posts Defiance Game Mechanics Preview

Defiance is the new co-op dungeon crawl game coming from Corvus Belli and it takes place in the Infinity universe. But, it doesn't just use Infinity's rules. At least not straight-up. So, how do the rules work? In this preview, we get a look at some of the basic game mechanics you can expect to see.

From the post:

Welcome to my first article on Infinity Defiance, the new co-op dungeon crawler with metal miniatures that Corvus Belli is working on. Today I’ll talk about the basic mechanics of the game and the reasons behind them.

The Project started in 2018. We had realized that in our hands we had a dungeon crawler that fit perfectly with the rich Infinity Universe, and since we already had the awesome game engine from Aristeia! it was time to blend it all together.

A series of specifications were handed to us, pointing out that we wanted a game for one to four players, and that’s why it was decided to introduce an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control the enemies. I’ll talk about this AI in the next article, in which I’ll explain how Infinity Defiance was born and how it was honed to become what you’ll find when you play the game.

Another specification was that it had to be a co-op game, fluid in the fact that troops and Characters from the Infinity game were easily adaptable to Infinity Defiance.

With these conditions in place, we started to devise how the turns work, and how the enemies and Character’s activations would work. In the end we settled for an alternating activation system for several reasons. The main factor was time. With an alternating activation system, the time management of the enemies is fragmented, so enemy turns don’t become so wearisome and, by alternating the engagements with every activation, we can manage that your decision making is influenced by what’s unfolding, making the game more dynamic.

To know which order the enemies activate, we opted for a randomly and covertly shuffled Initiative deck, therefore managing that you don’t have much control on what your enemies will do next. In response to these activations, you’ll be able to choose how to alternate your Characters. You’ll need to plan your activations ahead of time in order to retaliate against the enemy effectively. Once again, with this decision we made the turns dynamic, giving you freedom of choice when playing the different scenarios.