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Corvus Belli Looks at Hexagonal Tiles in Tag Raid

It may be hip to be square, but Corvus Belli is going hip to be hexagonal in Tag Raid. In this look inside the game, CB talks about the hexagonal tiles that make up the game board and why they went with such a design.

From the article:

Infinity has us accustomed to its classic square tables, so the style of the board of Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid may come as a surprise with its hexagonal tiles.

We could say that we chose this kind of board because we have some kind of mystical fascination with hexagons, since (—as we all know) —Infinity can be summarized in a perfect hexagon. Yet this wasn’t the real reason. When we started asking ourselves how the play area of TAG Raid would be, we bumped into a number of issues and limitations that ended up bringing the possibility of a modular board made of hexagonal tiles to the table (pun intended).

These tiles would allow us to delineate the play area with a highly versatile table without being constrained by the good ol’ square board.

Using blocks of tiles has the added advantage that it makes setting up the table a faster and more agile process, since we no longer need to be measuring things to place the scenery and the rest of the components of TAG Raid.

For us, the most interesting aspect that this modular board provides is the high amount of options it can offer to add new game mechanics.