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Corvus Belli Looks at Hex Tiles in Tag Raid

While Infinity uses just a regular table and tape measure system for its play surface, Tag Raid employs a hex grid. In this article, Corvus Belli goes into detail about its inception and use in the game.

From the article:

In a previous development note, I spoke about the hexagonal tiles in a general manner since I couldn’t provide more details until the information about the MegaBeast was ready to be written about. Now that we know that our miners are not alone, we can delve deeper into the rules and not just talk about how convenient the tiles are to set up on the table.

One of Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid’s biggest challenges was to move that colossal miniature—if we can even call it that—through the game table.

We asked ourselves things like: How do I place it? If the miniature doesn’t fit, should I remove the scenery? How can we devise a movement system without it turning into pages and pages of rules, conditions, and exceptions?

That’s where the tile component of the game table comes into play. If we treat the MegaBeast as a tile itself, we can generate spaces in which it can deploy and move.

We defined these “hexagons without tile” depending on how many tiles they had around them, thus creating different types of movement, enabling movement through the “holes” in the table, through its borders or even mixing both types, giving the MegaBeast a unique essence and behavior.