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Corvus Belli Looks Inside Operation Kaldstrom Box

Operation Kaldstrom is a new starter set coming soon for Infinity. It's the first of the Infinity CodeOne products as well, designed for new players by streamlining the game. In this preview, Corvus Belli looks at just what you'll be getting inside the set as well as a glimpse at an extra box set you can pick up, along with a special mini you'll get if you order both from their webshop.

From the post:

Corvus Belli announces one of its most important releases: Infinity CodeOne, the new line of Infinity products designed for new players. Infinity CodeOne is a streamlined version of the sci-fi wargame, keeping its spirit and all that players love about it, but adapting to the available playing space and with shorter matches.

Infinity CodeOne will launch with an initial box for two players (Battle Pack) that includes everything necessary to begin and learn how to play. It’s about Operation Kaldstrom.

  • 7 PanOceania miniatures:
    • 3 Fusiliers
    • 1 Nurse
    • 1 Orc Troop
    • 1 Nokk
    • 1 Knight of Justice
  • 7 Yu Jing miniatures:
    • 3 Zhanshi
    • 1 Dàofèi
    • 1 Guiláng
    • 1 Húndún
  • Mission tutorial booklet with fluff included.
  • Exceptional quality scenery pack
  • Game mat
  • States and markers
  • Templates
  • Dice