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Corvus Belli Features the Cavecrawler for TAG Raid

Initially designed more for mining operations as opposed to mecha suit combat, the Cavecrawler is still seen out on the battlefield. We get a look at this plucky TAG in this article for TAG Raid from Corvus Belli.

From the article:

Infinity’s universe and lore is so large and rich that we can leave the bright and battle-ready armies behind and focus on Khurland, an uncharted and inhospitable territory in the south of the main continent on Dawn - a place in which we’ll bear witness to a brutal race to exploit and obtain valuable mining operations. The various mining corporations with operations in this region will not hesitate to do whatever’s necessary to obtain every piece of neomaterials. 

So forget the shining armor and blazing high-tech weaponry - instead get ready to eat dirt while you drill the competition’s TAG with your Tricone.

One thing was clear when the work on Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid began: we wanted to keep the essence of Infinity, but at the same time we wanted to stray from its “perfection and cleanliness” and play in a more “dusty and rusty” environment.