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Corvus Belli Continues Looking Into Infinity CodeOne

Infinity CodeOne is a giant push by Corvus Belli to create a product that's easy for new gamers to digest so they can get into the Infinity game quickly and easily. They've got another preview up of just how that'll work, looking at the Dire Foes Mission Pack this time around, the first supplemental release for CodeOne.

From the post:

If you are reading this post, you may have started the hobby - modeling and painting the high quality miniatures included inside the Operation: Kaldstrom box and you already know the basic rules of Infinity CodeOne.

If that is not your case, do you want to start? Before continuing, you might want to take a look to this article where we talk about Operation: Kaldstrom and its contents, and this one about the Infinity CodeOne product guide.

If you are currently inmersed in the Infinity Universe, it is likely that you have some questions lingering in the back of your mind: “Now what? What is the next step? How do I continue?”

Don’t worry, the answer is quite simple: the ‘Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation’.

Playing this mission, you will be able to consolidate all the knowledge acquired with Operation: Kaldstrom. You can play it even before reading the complete rulebook for Infinity CodeOne and before growing your army with Beyond Operation: Kaldstrom troops which you should have at your local game store soon.

With this box, you can give your army a bit of personality thanks to the two characters it contains: Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut, from Yu Jing, and the Troll-Hunter Gunnar Lundmark from Panoceania.