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Corvus Belli Announces Operation Wildfire Starter Set for Infinity

Corvus Belli is taking pre-orders for a new 2-player starter set for Infinity. It's called Operation Wildfire and it is not only a great place for new gamers to get into the game, but for Infinity veterans, it contains the beginning of a whole new army. They're the 0-12, an organization designed to take over for the U.N. as an international (and interplanetary) peacekeeping force. Those that pre-order the set will get an expanded set of figures as well as an exclusive one.

From the announcement:

177 Years into the future… The Combined Army - the Evolved Intelligence’s military arm - threatens to destroy the peace in the Human Sphere and crush its subject under their thumb.

Facing this menace, O-12 has decided to deploy their units and land them onto the battlefield to put an end to the conflict with the finesse of a steam hammer.

Do you have what it takes to embark on the final battle between Humanity and the Combined Army?

Dig deep into Infinity

Operation: Wildfire is a Battle Pack that pits the factions of O-12 and those of the Combined Army’s Shasvastii Expeditionary Force against one another.

0-12 is a completely new faction that’s being introduced into Infinity’s battlefields with this release; but the veterans of Infinity are probably familiar with this faction already, since it has been part of Infinity lore since the very first book.

0-12 is an international organization born to succeed the already obsolete U.N. and ensure peace and security for all the denizens of the Human Sphere. Its main seat is on the planet Concilium Prime, located in the Concilium System, which belongs to the organization - even though their representatives are scattered among the different nations of the Sphere.

The organization takes its name from the 12 great planets and systems colonized by humanity (Earth, the Solar System’s colonies, Neoterra, Yu Jing, Acontecimento, Varuna, Svalarheima, Bourak, Dawn, Concilium, Paradiso and Human Edge). With respectful to this symbolic number, this organization is composed of twelve bureaus, each one with a different function.